About Us





Reiki Kyokai Kan is a membership group created by Reiki Kyokai to give support, education and honesty to its community.

Reiki Kyokai is not a members group; it was established in 1993 by dedicated students who wished to follow the spiritual principals and practice of Reiki, maintaining their high standards and on-going personal development.

As more and more students and teachers endeavour to return to the authentic teachings of Reiki it has become apparent that all Reiki lineages, styles, and teachings are not equal; for example internet courses and distant attunements are not acceptable.

Students who have worked hard and practiced their discipline need to be recognised as serious practitioners and teachers of Reiki. They need to be part of a no nonsense community that is congruent with their high standards and moral and ethical path.

Reiki Kyokai Kan