Complaints Procedure






1 Registering a Complaint:

1a. Any person may register a complaint in writing to Reiki Kyokai Kan by e-mail:


By letter:

RKK Office

Mansfeild House

51 High Street





1b. The complaint must be set out in writing, clearly describing the event including witnesses, location and time.

1c. All information will be kept confidential (necessary contact with named witnesses and respondents will be made)


2 Complaint Receipt Procedure:

2a. Written acknowledgement of the date the complaint was received and any additional information required to proceed.

2b. All respondents will be notified and invited to respond.


3 Investigation of complaint:

3a. The complaint will be investigated meticulously in order to resolve the issue/s raised.

3b. Facts presented by both sides and any additional evidence uncovered during the investigation will be taken into consideration before a decision is reached.


4  Complaint Actions:

4a. In the event of an established breach of Reiki Kyokai Kan Codes of Ethics, Practice or Standards membership will be withdrawn immediately with no refund of monies paid.

4b. A complaint that is considered to be invalid will be dismissed.

4c. An external arbitrator may be brought in to resolve the complaint.

4d. Any fraudulent complaints may be subject to appropriate legal action.

4e. If appropriate, education and or guidance by may be provided to the respondent.


5 Decision Notification and Action:

5a. All relevant parties will be notified of the official decision and action taken.

5b. Parties in disagreement with the decision may have the right to appeal.

5c. Full details of Appeal Process information will be given to parties as and when a decision to appeal has been granted. All relevant parties will be notified.