Member Incentives








Authentic Lineages for all members are assessed and assured



Reiki shares*:

Western Shares are open to all Members

Eastern Shares are by invitation only


Annual Retreat*:

Residential event with key speakers and workshops


One day course:

Members will have the opportunity to learn meditations and practices essential to deepening understanding of Reiki



Relaxed,informal evenings, part or full day long events


Question and Answer event:

A chance to ask questions about your Reiki studies, listen, learn and  participate


Four day Shoden expansion workshop*:

A unique opportunity to learn


Organised tour in Japan*:

To see sites of special interest to the Reiki community



All events will generate continual professional development certificates which will be available on the day for all members booked into an event



Quarterly newsletter, online bibliography and published research articles on request



*charges apply for external costs