Standards Required

  for Membership






1. The Member understands that if he or she fails to uphold the Standards set by Reiki Kyokai Kan their membership of this Community will be permanently withdrawn without refund of any membership fees paid.

2. The health and well being of the client/student is the prime consideration of the member.

3. Everyone is entitled to truth, confidentiality and respect. The client has the right to accept or refuse any form of treatment at any time.

4. The Member will be neat and clean in his or her own personal hygiene and dress in a professional manner.

5. The Member must ensure that their professional conduct is beyond reproach and at no time take advantage of their client physically, psychologically or financially. They must not interfere in the personal affairs of the client.

6. The Member must retain accurate and up-to-date records of their treatments. These records must be kept in a secure location and are confidential. No information contained within the records may be released without the written permission of the client.

7.  The Member will never diagnose nor claim that Reiki can cure, nor ever recommend that a client stops taking medication. When it is in the client's interests The Member will refer the client to a different practitioner or organization that has training appropriate to the client's needs.

8. The Member must never permit the client to disrobe nor will The Member touch the genital and anal areas or the breasts of the client, nor allow the client to touch the practitioner in such a manner.

9. The Member shall use only light hand pressure when placing hands on the client. Rubbing, stroking and manipulation of any body part is not Reiki. If the client has not given permission for a "hands on" treatment The Member will complete the entire Reiki session with hands above the body.

10. During a Reiki session The Member will not mix and match modalities, for example: Aura reading, Spiritual Healing/Channeling, Hpynotherapy or Massage as they have no place or context in a Reiki session. The Member is giving a Reiki session and nothing else. All other therapies have nothing to do with Reiki and must not constitute any part of a Reiki session. 

11. Teaching members should report anyone whose skills and standards of conduct they have a valid reason to doubt to Reiki Kyokai Kan and should not encourage the practice of Reiki by persons who are not competent or who have insufficient training or certification.

12. The Member is responsible for reporting any Member of The Community who does not adhere to these Standards. This requirement aims to ensure the protection of the public interest and also to protect the good name and professional reputation of Reiki Kyokai Kan and its members.

13. The Member acknowledges that The Standards of Reiki Kyokai Kan cannot cover every eventuality; it is therefore understood that The Member will behave in accordance with the laws of the county in which they live and practice Reiki.



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